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Understanding emotional blockages and how to overcome them




Better live your emotions and liberate yourself through psy-digitopuncture and Caycedian sophrology



The symptoms of emotional blockages


Before being able to release emotional blockages, it is important to understand what they are and how they manifest themselves. Emotional blocks are negative emotions that have become stuck in our body and mind, often due to traumatic events or stressful situations. They pollute our existence on a daily basis and in spite of ourselves. They can manifest themselves in the form of fears, anxiety, anger, sadness or frustration. The manifestations are for example: loss of self-esteem, hyperemotivity, shyness, feelings of guilt, a lack of pleasure, infertility, insomnia, a fear of making the wrong choice... Blockages are so many negative energies that affect us day after day and that it must be evacuated for good, gently, so that we no longer have to suffer from them. By understanding the emotional blockages, you will be able to better identify them and eliminate them in order to achieve a more balanced and happier life.

Practicing sophrology

La sophrologie caycédienne est une méthode efficace pour connaître notre état intérieur et nos émotions, qui nous font souffrir si nous les fuyons et que nous ne savons pas comment les appréhender de manière constructive. Nos mécanismes psychiques nous rendent prisonniers des émotions alors que celles-ci peuvent au contraire nous aider à progresser et à changer. Elles sont comme des panneaux indicateurs sur le chemin de notre vie. La sérénité souvent tant recherchée dans notre quotidien ne doit pas être conçue comme le fruit de circonstances de vie idéales que nous devons poursuivre mais plutôt comme le résultat de notre capacité à nous centrer ce qui est constructif à chaque moment de notre vie. La pratique de la sophrologie nous offre l'opportunité de développer un espace d’écoute silencieuse depuis lequel nous pouvons connaître notre conscience. Elle permet de nous concentrer sur le moment présent et de calmer l'esprit et les ruminations envahissantes, ce qui peut aider à réduire le stress et l'anxiété, notamment en pratiquant une respiration consciente. Cela aide à réduire les tensions et à favoriser la relaxation. Pratiquer la sophrologie régulièrement permet de libérer les blocages émotionnels et d'améliorer notre bien-être mental et physique de façon durable.​

Se libérer des tensions et blocages par la sophrologie

Using psy-digitopuncture, an emotional liberation technique for adults, children and babies

digitopuncture bébé

"The cries of the body are messages from the soul." Michel Odoul This is an emotional release technique that is a psychological form of acupuncture but without the needles. This practice consists in stimulating successively 5 to 10 acupressure points, by circular pressure of a finger varying from a few seconds to several minutes, on precise meridian points of the body in order to activate a very specific energetic current according to the emotions and the disorders which one wants to treat such as: anger, sadness, fears, obsessions, guilt, doubts...This technique can help to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and other emotional problems by clearing the energetic blockages in the body During the sessions, you will be lying down, unlike during sophrology sessions which require more "dynamic" work, in a sitting or even standing position.

During a AHR journey

Difficulties in conceiving

Stress, anxiety

A negative mental state


Sleep disorders


For babies


Infant colics

Difficulty sleeping throughout the night





Repeated ear infections and sore throats

Eating disorders

For children and teenagers


Difficulty following rules




Night terrors

Difficulties with siblings

Problems related to adolescence


Dropping out of school

Eating disorders

For adults

Stress, overwork, insomnia

Burn-out, distress

Anxiety, nervousness, anguish

Depressive mood, depression, negative mental state

Fears, stage fright, phobias

Anger, sadness

Self-confidence, shyness

Dealing with death, mourning, separation

Energy imbalances

Tics, OCD

Anorexia, bulimia


Eczema, psoriasis

Muscles and joints tensions

Psychosomatic disorders and diseases

Sexual disorders

Tobacco withdrawal and addictions

A few examples of possible uses

« A consultation that does a lot of good, you leave feeling relaxed and lighter.

Violaine is a professional who listens, is caring and very gentle. This was my second appointment with her and I recommend her with my eyes closed.



« Violaine is wonderful! Caring, listening and above all a magic woman (and/or hyper competent): she understands and unlocks points of tension / blockages that disturb our body and mind!"»


«I discovered Violaine last week to help my 2.5 year old son with his fear of water thanks to digitopuncture. In our case results were felt immediately."»


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