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How sophrology can improve your life









Improve your quality of life and find mental, emotional and physical balance



What is sophrology?

Séance de sophrologie assis

Sophrology was created in 1960 by the neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo, who sought to develop a "science of conscience in harmony" with a medical and scientific approach. He called this new discipline "Sophrology" after the Greek roots SOS (harmony) - PHREN (consciousness) - LOGOS (study) or "study of consciousness in harmony". It was inspired both by certain relaxation techniques, Eastern techniques (yoga, Buddhism and Zen) adapted to the needs and capacities of our Western civilization but also by the evolution of science in the fields of neurology and biology. Practicing sophrology is a training of body and mind that will lead you to a deep discovery of your self, beyond a simple relaxation. I hold a Master's degree in Caycedan Sophrology, the original 12-degree method of Dr. Caycedo. This means that I have studied and experienced in myself his method and the know-how that defines it.

How Sophrology can help you manage stress

Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety or other difficulties, I can accompany you on your journey to greater well-being and help you unleash your full potential. Also known as dynamic relaxation, sophrology consists of easy-to-perform movements (which help to release tension and then achieve a state of inner balance) and moments of calm, known as integration pauses. Initially, the aim is to become aware of your body in the present moment, without necessarily looking for anything, with a fresh perspective. It's about learning to simply be, to welcome what is, without judging yourself. Unless your state of health requires it, Caycedian sophrology is normally practised sitting or standing, but not lying down. The aim is to become aware of yourself and your inner state, not just to relax. Regular practice of this method will help you feel calmer, more centered and better able to manage your emotions in your daily life. Alongside sophrology, I also offer psy-digitopuncture sessions. This method focuses on releasing emotional blockages. It is quite distinct from sophrology, but I find it completely complementary. It's better suited to certain people who don't necessarily wish to enter into a process of introspection.

Pampa dans le vent, symbole de sensibilité, accueil de soi

How sophrology can help to improve your sleep

Femme qui se prépare pour dormir

I specialize in sleep disorders and I can offer you a scientifically tested 5-session protocol that will allow you to progressively find a better sleep. At the beginning of each session, we will discuss your progress and set up a sleep diary. Between each sophrology session, you will go back home with the recordings that you will be able to practice regularly until the next time and you will see the results for yourself.

Can sophrology help you free yourself from your addictions?

If you are looking for a solution to free yourself from your addictions, sophrology may be an interesting option to explore. This dynamic relaxation and meditation practice can help reduce stress and strengthen your resolve to change.

Sophrology in the workplace

Individual or group in-company workshops (stress management, team building, sleep disorders, QWL week...)


What are the other possible benefits of sophrology?

For more than 5 years, I have been accompanying babies, children, adults, seniors and the elderly. Sessions take place within the framework of a therapeutic follow-up or in a search for personal development. The proposed process of evolution is adjusted to each person according to his/her situation, problem or pathology. For example : - the wish to have a child, an IVF or AHR project, during an infertility situation, - during a pregnancy, preparing for childbirth, - Emotions management (anger, self-confidence, public speaking, shyness...), - pain relief (endometriosis, fibromyalgia...), - in the context of a more serious pathology (multiple sclerosis, cancer, chemotherapy...), - phobias, - tics, - eating disorders, - the accomplishment of personal and professional projects, - difficult personal situations ( separation, divorce, grieving, domestic violence, emotional shocks), - the release of emotional blockages, - depression, - burn-out, - tinnitus The specific difficulties or deeper blockages of each person are taken into account in order to respect his/her rhythm. Sophrologyproposes to each and everyone a physical, mental, psychological and emotional opportunity to cope with their problems and to address their questions. During the process of the Sophrology sessions, unfolds the possibility of discovering and acquiring foundations providing a valuable stability in daily life. Sophrology invites to - better - breathe, release tensions, activate vital energy, establish a connection with the senses and to practice positive visualizations that support the flow of life. In some cases, ludic Sophrology offers simple and creative proposals and is suitable for everyone (from the very young to the very old). Talking times are part of each session so that you can communicate, at the beginning of the session, your request in relation to your difficulties and then your feelings after the actual practice.

Sophrology for children and teenagers

enfant joyeux

Master specialist in Caycedian sophrology, I am also qualified in ludic approach (levels 1, 2 and 3 with Claudia Sanchez and Ricardo Lopez) and in the treatment of children suffering from stress, anxiety and tics (Masterclass Bienrelax). I work with children from the age of 3. For the smallest ones, I propose sessions of liberation of blockages using psy-digitopuncture. I also work with schools ( from kindergarten to high schools). When applied to children, Caycedian sophrology can help them develop personalities full of hope and optimism, capable of realizing their full potential. It provides them with techniques to reinforce their own resources in their personal and educational development. Children learn to develop strategies that will facilitate the awareness of their body and mental state, in order to be able to conquer their own balance and to evolve in daily life with confidence. Through sophrology, the adults of tomorrow will acquire tools that they can use throughout their lives. Know yourself better: - Learn to better connect to one's body; - Expressing and experiencing emotions harmoniously; - Calm down and recharge one's energy; - Relaxation through simple movements and breathing. Breathing produces beneficial effects on the brain, the centre of learning; - Concentrate and pay attention; - Develop self-esteem and self-confidence; - Recognize and develop one's abilities; - Remotivate oneself in order to study; - Overcome one's fears; How do the sessions of Caycedian sophrology for children take place? According to the age of the child, the content and the duration of the sessions will vary. I propose a playful approach, aiming at favoring joy, creativity, well-being and serenity for the child, in an alternance of quiet times and activations. SOPHROLOGY FOR TEENAGERS Better learning: - Learn to focus one's attention to be more efficient in the learning process, - To be ready to study by using sophrological preparation methods, - Adopting a good posture to learn better, - Learn how to reinforce positive thinking in order to increase self-confidence, - Sleep better in order to learn better Know yourself better: - Learn to better connect to your body through sensations; - Expressing and living one's emotions in harmony; - Calm down and recharge one's energies. Find a better balance to feel good in one's head and body; - Relaxing through simple movements and breathing. Breathing brings the student back into the present moment and allows him to focus on his own energy. It produces positive effects on the brain, the centre of learning; - To overcome one's fears, - Knowing how to assert oneself, - Becoming the subject of one's own life through techniques of futurization or the projection of abilities,

Empathy and kindness

Concrete results (with a little bit of effort from your side!)


A ludic approach depending on your needs


« Her empathy and benevolence in all respects always made me feel at peace with myself after each session.»


« The sessions were a source of real relaxation for me and helped me during childbirth."»


«Violaine provided me with support and strength that allowed for a gradual healing process."»


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